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January 2020

A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY – Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page

Approvals have been given, and we’re good to go. The Pre-Launch Page for our A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY Zine Quest 2 Kickstarter is live. You can find it here! Go check it out and follow it, if you’re so inclined. We’ll have more tidbits and previews here on the main website, as well as on social media, as we dash towards the official opening of the Kickstarter

Announcing Our First Kickstarter: A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY

As our inaugural product here at Superhero Necromancer Games, we are pleased to announce our participation in Kickstarter’s Zine Quest 2 event with A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY! Developed and written by Rich Forest, the VISITOR’S GUIDE is a system-agnostic RPG zine offering a complete setting playset and toolkit for GMs and players alike to mine for your own games and campaign settings. Spice up your roleplaying with