Necromancer’s Atlas: Arnrigg, A Town of the North

Welcome to a new series that should drop periodically here on the SNP website: the Necromancer’s Atlas. These are gaming maps I have done over the years for various campaigns and such, many of which were posted on the now defunct Google+ back in the day. I’m resurrecting them here. Moo hoo ha ha…

I will also be posting new material from time to time. I am ramping up to work on some new Rainy City maps (for Reasons…) and need to shake off the cartography rust a little. This series will give me an excuse to do just that.

Today’s map is from six years ago for a campaign set in one region of the earliest iteration of our Tales from Hrimgate setting — Arnrigg, a small Iotar village that was the chief’s seat of Oldwark Riding in the Jarldom of Seven Lakes. It was our home base in the campaign as we fought to turn back the snow elf invasion of the North. The chieftain’s hall is out on the island anchoring the small harbor, and the path up the mountainside leads to the Eagle Cliff, where important offerings are made to the gods of the Iotar.

(Open the images in a new tab to see the full size. They are both 300 dpi.)

Labeled Map of Arnrigg, a Town of the North
Blank Map of Arnrigg, a Town of the North

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