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Rainy City

Flott’s Miscellany Vol. One — On Sale Now

I am Thaddeus Flott, alchemist and operatic tenor, and this is my town. By now you may have seen the good Master Hardebard’s so called “Visitor’s Guide” to our great city. It is a fine work, for what it is, but it represents rather poorly the wonder that I see in every detail of our home. So I have put together for you this miscellany. Learn it well, as I have,

Using the Rainy City in Your Campaign

The Rainy City works as a standalone setting, big and varied enough to be the home of multiple campaigns. So far, I’ve used it in three distinct long-form campaigns myself, plus a very large number of one-shots. But what if you’ve already got a campaign going? How can you use this place?  Maybe you want to have the PCs visit the place for a while. Maybe even come and go.

Using the Rainy City with 5e

Let’s bring this series full circle. We started with the OSR/classic era version of the world’s oldest RPG. Today, in the last major post in this series, let’s look at how to adapt the Rainy City to 5th edition. Choose a Background, Race, and Class One strength of 5e as a game is the menu of big, broad, interesting decisions it provides you when making a character. The backgrounds, races,

Using the Rainy City with Zweihänder Grim and Perilous RPG

Daniel Fox‘s Zweihänder is another good fit for the Rainy City. It has an evocative, grotty style and a great range of character options that would, I think, draw attention in play to the religious and class conflicts of the town, and remind us of the randomness of life and death in the city. Let’s get grim and perilous. Professions The setting implied by the Zweihänder profession list is a good overall match for the

Using the Rainy City with Blades in the Dark

In one city, it is always dark, and tends to be rainy and windy. In another city, it is always raining, and tends to be dark and windy. Both cities are somewhere between modernity and something older. Both cities are isolated. If you draw heat, there’s nowhere to run. Both exist in the aftermath of something apocalyptic. Both are haunted. So let’s talk, just a little bit, shall we, about Blades

Using the Rainy City with the Fantasy Trip

The Fantasy Trip is my favorite old school roleplaying game, and one of my top three favorite RPGs of all time. It was the game I used to run the campaign that most shaped the Rainy City setting as found in the Visitor’s Guide. I associate TFT with sword and sorcery (probably because of the art in the original Advanced Melee, Advanced Wizard, and In the Labyrinth), but I had a suspicion that

Using the Rainy City with retro-clones or OSR games

(Cross-posted at the OG Superhero Necromancer Blog) Maybe you’re thinking about using the Rainy City with a retroclone or other OSR game. This is pretty easy to do, in my experience — in fact, the first major Rainy City campaign I ever ran used the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia. It should work just as well with any of the D&D variants, or games inspired by them. The city has a


As we get closer to our first Zine Quest Kickstarter launching on February 17th (Preview Page Here), we thought it would be good to release some samples of what A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY will contain when it’s finished. So for this first sample spotlight, we’ve chosen VAGABOND BAY – the last port you’ll ever call at – as a good introduction to both the Rainy City overall

A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY – Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page

Approvals have been given, and we’re good to go. The Pre-Launch Page for our A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY Zine Quest 2 Kickstarter is live. You can find it here! Go check it out and follow it, if you’re so inclined. We’ll have more tidbits and previews here on the main website, as well as on social media, as we dash towards the official opening of the Kickstarter

Announcing Our First Kickstarter: A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY

As our inaugural product here at Superhero Necromancer Games, we are pleased to announce our participation in Kickstarter’s Zine Quest 2 event with A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY! Developed and written by Rich Forest, the VISITOR’S GUIDE is a system-agnostic RPG zine offering a complete setting playset and toolkit for GMs and players alike to mine for your own games and campaign settings. Spice up your roleplaying with