Announcing Our First Kickstarter: A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY

As our inaugural product here at Superhero Necromancer Games, we are pleased to announce our participation in Kickstarter’s Zine Quest 2 event with A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY!

Developed and written by Rich Forest, the VISITOR’S GUIDE is a system-agnostic RPG zine offering a complete setting playset and toolkit for GMs and players alike to mine for your own games and campaign settings. Spice up your roleplaying with the weirdness, whimsy, and wickedness of the Rainy City – a doomed fantasy metropolis at the end of the world – where the wizards jealously guard their rotting magical tomes, the gargoyles are always watching, the thieves are on the prowl, and the rains never stop.

Wash up on the ramshackle saltwater docks of Vagabond Bay where pirates, ruffians, salty dogs, and “tax collectors” linger around every corner to welcome the thousands of new refugees of lost worlds that flood the city every year. 

Rainwater pours off the backs and from the mouths of the gargoyles that decorate the stone towers and keeps. They plot too.

Walk the slick, bent cobbles of Old Town, once the heart of the ancient city before the rains came, now the seat of power for the many trades and craft guilds, under the omnipresent eye of the Harmonious Chantry of Alchemists and Chemists

Move quickly but with purpose along the dreary, paranoid streets of Levee Town, a district of stock brick rowhouses, of water pumps and wheelhouse gates, of volunteer watchmen, and of unions, sacred brotherhoods, and cultic violence. Watch your back, and know the secret signs! 

Trudge on wooden stilts through the boggy, waterlogged slums of the Sump, a verdant freshwater town of rotting huts on titled stilts, of murk and muck, of shaky walkways over muddy pools, and of beggars, rafts, and rice. Watch your step, and don’t get et!  

Ride in an ewt-drawn carriage (from Banthus’s Elite Coaches, of course) through the many row houses of the Mids, where respectable folk cluster and speak respectfully of respectable news over respectable cups of tea. 

The Wizards of the Rainy City are a mysterious and, it has to be said, menacing lot.

Saunter among the city’s elite as you hobnob with ambassadors and wizards at soirees on Embassy Row, where the rich and powerful make their homes. And on weekends, descend from the hustle and bustle of Embassy Row down into the pastoral Headlands, where the rich and powerful keep country manors and embrace gentry life away from the pressures of the city.

Tread carefully through the storm-swept Tower Cliffs, where the sometimes mysterious, often menacing, but always weird wizards reside, hoarding their wealth and secrets in strange manses and towers while rogues and burglars case the area, choosing their targets with care.

It’s a city of alchemists, wizards, and thieves, of gargoyles, gulls, and aristocratic ghouls, of fisherfolk, fishfolk, and cultists. We look forward to revealing more details on the city and the zine in the coming days before the Kickstarter launches on February 17, 2020. Keep an eye on the blog or sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more updates and sneak peaks.

Welcome to the Rainy City!